India has a climbing base of approximately 5 lakh climbers. With the sportís ever growing popularity and with a vision of Indian representation at 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Girivihar, organized the Indian (Bouldering) Open Championship at the RA Podar College on 11th and 12th February, 2017.

The Championship featured climbers who have taken part in IMF national competition and/ or have been previously selected at the Girivihar competition (semi-finals and above) and juniors who were finalists at the 22nd National Bouldering competition.

The Championship followed IFSC bouldering competition rules, regulations and time frames to ensure that the athletes receive a world class platform. France-based Vaibhav Mehta, who has been a climber for 20 years and a route setter for 15 years, was invited to set routes in the Championship.

The Indian (Bouldering) Open Championship was won by Delhi based climber Adarsh Singh in the menís category and Mumbai based climber Siddhi Manerikar in the womenís category. Ajij Shaikh and Prateeksha Arun were the runners up with Bharath Pereira and Chea Marar claiming the third spot.


Men: Final: 1-Adarsh Singh (3t4, 4b12); 2-Ajij Shaikh (3t4, 3b4); Bharath Pereira Kamath (2t3, 3b4)

Women: Final: 1-Siddhi Manerikar (3t3, 4b4); 2-Prateeksha Arun (1t1, 3b3); 3-Chea Marar (1t1, 3b3)